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"Saving Their Trainer" Ch 2

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

copyright Nikki Dean, all rights reserved, etc. Please don't share this anywhere else, since the sneak peeks are for newsletter subscribers only! Enjoy!

disclaimer - this chapter does have a kiss between 2 guys, and is the only M/M action in the story.

Chapter 2

Allie tried to hide her reaction to him, but was always worried that he knew how he made her feel, especially since it was getting harder and harder to hide the longer she and Xander had been broken up. What is wrong with me? He only said one word, I can’t let him get to me that easily. They’ll never let me live it down if either of them figure it out.

They’d had a relatively professional relationship for the first several months that Allie had been training them, but they gradually got closer over the course of the semester, turning into a casual friendship of sorts. Things didn’t get really personal until that night at the bar, after they found out how attractive she found them both.

Allie had made the mistake of leaving her phone laying around after a workout session and the two jerks had put in her code, intending to take silly pictures to set as her background photo.

A text from Mads had popped up asking if she was done feeling up the hottie football guys yet, and it had taken no time at all before they were each offering to let Allie squeeze a bicep or butt cheek whenever she liked. She had to admit, it had been extremely tempting, given that they both intrigued her so much.

Both tall and blonde, with wide shoulders and lean bodies, they should have been wide receivers instead of linebackers, but the school’s football coaches used the guys as they saw fit. Greg was a little shorter than Abel, and kept his light blond hair in a short style, not really close enough to consider a buzz, but not far off. It wasn’t long enough to do anything other than throw some gel in and spike it, which was how he usually wore it outside of the gym. In the gym, on the other hand, he had an oddly fluffy look. It was cute.

It went well with his goofy grin and the wiseass jokes that he was compelled to share all the time.

Abel, on the other hand, was more of a brooder. He wore his dirty blond hair a little longer, just long enough that the ends curled beneath a hat, but not long enough to stick out from under his football helmet. He usually kept it contained under a beanie or ball cap. Physically speaking, he was by far the more defined of the two, but Allie had a feeling that was more due to Greg’s less fortunate metabolism than his lack of strength.

They were both strong. Extremely so, in fact, and it was that, more than anything, that had her drooling over them when they weren’t looking. Anyone could get toned if they worked out at the gym and counted calories, but that brute strength that came with hard physical activity? It hit her in the sweet spot every time, and working out with them left her in a nearly constant state of delicate annoyance, if not outright arousal.

It had gotten exponentially worse when they all went out that night after seeing the “hottie” text from Mads. The guys had a ball teasing her about having discussed them with her best friend, and they decided that tempting her to their version of the dark side was their number one priority. Despite her assurances that she wasn’t doing anything inappropriate with either of them.

She was their personal trainer, after all, and needed to stay professional if she wanted to complete the school program that was allowing her to get credit hours in exchange for their hard work in the gym. They had all signed contracts at the beginning of the semester stating that they understood that she was getting class credit in exchange for training them, no money was owed to anyone and that they agreed not to sue the school if they got hurt. It was a pretty standard release contract, but there was a little clause tucked in that made everyone agree to keep things platonic between them, to prevent students from “training” their significant others on paper, while never stepping foot in the gym.

Clearly, it had been an issue in the past, and her instructor made sure to point the line out, making everyone initial beside it to acknowledge that they read it. While it wasn’t a deal breaker in the program, Allie liked to keep everything as transparent as possible, and it hadn’t been an issue because she was dating Xander.

But Greg and Abel made it really tempting, especially that night at the bar.

“Aren’t you curious, Allie?” Greg had teased her over a round of shots. “Don’t you want to know what it’d be like with us? Most girls are in it for one night at least, if only to say they did it.”

“What do you mean, ‘us’?” she’d asked, keeping a wary eye on the way he’d reached for her. He’d surprised her by brushing a bit of leftover sugar from the rim of her shot glass off of her bottom lip with his thumb, then slowly licked it clean.

Watching his tongue rub over his thumb like that had been intoxicating, but Allie wasn’t sure if that was just him, or the drinks.

“You know,” Greg replied mysteriously. “Us. Me and Abel. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.”

“I haven’t, actually, and who you date is your business.”

“You haven’t heard anything at all? You’re sure?” Greg teased. “Then it’ll be a surprise.”

“He does like to surprise people,” Abel joined in as he brought another round of drinks to their table. “Sorry, the bar was packed.”

“It’s ok,” Allie replied. “Greg, here, was just about to tell me that he’s named his dick after you and talks about it in the third person to make it seem like he’s inviting girls home for a sexy threesome.”

“Oh, that’s not his dick he’s talking about, princess,” Abel whispered as he leaned close. “I’d be more than happy to show you just how sexy a threesome with Greg and I can get.”

Allie jerked back and looked from one guy to the other before bursting out laughing. She couldn’t help it. “Wow, guys, I’m not that drunk! You do remember that you’ve both talked about girls in front of me before, right? Separate girls that you were each dating at the time?”

“So?” Abel asked. “Sometimes we each hook up with ladies on our own, or even date around if a girl isn’t into both of us. That doesn’t mean sharing isn’t always more fun.”

The realization that maybe, just maybe, they weren’t fucking with her dawned on her. “You guys are serious right now?” The mere thought of being in bed with both of them, together, was enough to soak her panties in moments.

Greg and Abel looked at her, then each other and shrugged. “Guess we’ll just have to prove it,” Greg taunted. “Feel free to join in at any time.”

Abel had rolled his eyes, but didn’t shy away when Greg grabbed the back of his head, pulling him in for a fierce kiss. Allie found herself unable to look away as their lips met, having never even imagined that they were into each other that way, or that they wanted her to join them.

If she’d thought the mere idea was a turn-on, having them invite her to kiss them both, at the same time, was even more heady. It was nearly enough to make her forget her boyfriend at home and accept their invitation.


Instead, she’d stuttered out some semblance of a flattered denial, grabbed her purse and ran for it before she decided to break her two cardinal rules in life - no cheating, and no mixing business with pleasure.

She’d regretted saying no, but Xander was still in the picture and she wasn’t a cheater. An idiot, apparently, but not a cheater.

She shook her head, pulling herself back to the present moment. It’s time for their training session, not reliving the one time they got drunk and said they wanted to share me. Not that they ever made the offer before that night, or since then, so they were most likely just messing with me, after all.

She’d told herself the same thing a half-dozen times since then, as the gym was the only place that she’d seen them after that night. “So, we’re going to stretch, then do some leg presses and start our workout today from there,” Allie said, pulling herself back to the task at hand. “Greg, get on your back and I’ll help you stretch your legs.”

They both snickered as he flopped down beneath her, lifting one leg straight up so that she could push on his calf. His shorts fell back, revealing half of his thigh. She kept her eyes up until he wiggled beneath her, reaching down to adjust himself, knowing she would instinctively track his hand to make certain she wasn’t stretching him too hard, making him uncomfortable. It was part of her job, after all.

But Allie’s jaw nearly fell open when she saw that he’d pulled his shorts away from his crotch, allowing her to see straight up the leg to his… unicorn printed panties.

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