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Reverse Harem Freebie - "Saving Their Trainer"

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Inspired by the epic Tumblr post...

So I read a blog post on Tumblr about this group of guys who all band together to save their personal fitness trainer from her douchebag of an ex-boyfriend, and take it upon themselves to liberate her belongings from his evil clutches. Along with almost every other useful thing in their apartment.

I laughed until I cried the first time I read that little blog post, and loved it so much that I decided to write a complete Reverse Harem story about it, with a few tweaks of my own. Since it's my first one, and the idea isn't exactly mine to begin with, I've decided to offer it to my newsletter and website subscribers for free. Check out the first chapter below, and I'll announce when the rest is available! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!

Saving Their Trainer

Nikki Dean

Copyright 2019, all rights reserved.

No part of this document can be duplicated, shared or referenced in any way except directly to the author, Nikki Dean. It is not for resale or distribution, and is for the sole purpose of gathering feedback before publication. This work is entirely fictional, and does not represent actual people. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

Allie: “Well, the dickless wonder is officially holding my stuff hostage. He’s always there with the security lock on, and won’t let me in. Can I borrow some clothes, by any chance? And maybe a spot on your couch for the next few days? Jill is out of town.”

Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Please don’t tell me that I sent that to the guys instead of Mads… She double-checked the mailing list.

It was the wrong one.

Of course I did. Because this couldn’t get any worse, could it? Her head fell forward onto the desk, the dull thump barely registering as she called herself every kind of idiot.

“And I have a training session in thirty minutes, so I’ll have to see Abel and Greg. Maybe I can unsend it?” she wondered as she picked her head back up and squinted at the screen, hoping it would help. It didn't.

She spent the next fifteen minutes half-heartedly clicking around, looking for some magic button that could erase her most recent mistake. Unfortunately, her email provider hadn’t yet found a way to turn back time.

One last exasperated sigh later, she grabbed her backpack and headed for the doors of the library, resigned to her fate. What did it matter one way or the other if four of the hottest guys she’d ever met now knew that her ex was a douchebag? Oh, and that she was basically homeless because she’d been stupid enough to let him move in? Tossing her bag inside her car, she sank into the driver’s seat.

Oh, well, shit happens. At least I can shower at the gym. My workout clothes, on the other hand, are going to need to be washed sooner rather than later… Her phone beeped, indicating she’d received an email. Allie dropped her head back, staring at the roof of her car for a second before gathering the courage to check it.

It was from Bentley. Of course it is. He was the one - the one guy that she was most self-conscious in front of, no matter what the situation. He’d always set her a little on edge, something about the intensity of his gaze, as though she always had his complete attention, was a little unnerving. Even Trevor unsettled her less, and he was the one that most people would be uncomfortable around.

It was rare in this day and age of constant streaming. Everyone else was always on their phones, tablets or i-whatevers to get their hourly fix of music, news, gossip and general social media stalking in, but Bentley? Nope. Nada. She’d never even seen him pull out a phone, although she took it for granted that he had one.

Everyone had one. And whatever kind it was, she was willing to bet it was big. Much like his name, Bentley wasn’t one for understatement.

She drove the few blocks to the gym, thankful yet again for the student parking lot right next door. It had taken her less than three minutes to get there, which meant she still had a few to kill before going in to meet Abel and Greg.

I may as well read it now, or I’ll be wondering what it says for the next hour. It can’t be that bad, right?

She got out of the car and pulled her phone out, then pressed her thumb to the sensor to unlock it while she walked.

Whatever you need. - Bentley”

Allie had to read it aloud, completely at a loss. “What does that mean? He wants to give me his clothes and let me sleep on his couch?”

The idea was tantalizing, even if she knew it would be a terrible move on her part. Seeing Bentley at home, finally figuring out if he was truly as reserved as he seemed, maybe even sharing a cup of coffee with him in the morning, still sleepy with his hair a little tousled… she could just imagine what it would be like. She’d been drawn to him from the beginning, but he didn’t seem like the type to be into her, even if things had been different.

So the idea that he was open to letting her come over was a little exciting, even if she’d never admit that to anyone else.

Shaking her head, she tried to push the wild conclusions flooding her mind away until later. “Whatever. I have to do this training session, then shower and figure out what I’m going to do tonight. I guess unless Mads answers, I’m sleeping in the car.”

While it wasn’t a terrible idea, and it was much more appealing than the thought of trying to scrape together enough money for a hotel, she was sure it would be uncomfortable. “Come on, Mads. Just let me in and I’ll sleep on the floor,” she muttered to herself as she opened the gym door.

The familiar smells of equipment oil, sweat and disinfectant hit her in the face. Some people would have cringed, but to her, the scent meant that she was in her happy place. Where she used her talents to inspire people and help them achieve their goals. Maybe even help improve their lives.

“You only get one body in this lifetime, Allie. Take care of it, especially when it gets hurt, and it will allow you to do anything.” The words had been her father’s mantra, and he’d repeated it often enough that both Mads and Jill told her that she occasionally said it in her sleep. He’d been an Olympic athlete before he retired, and before that, had been in the armed forces.

His body had taken him all over the world, and he wanted nothing less than the same thing for his baby girl.

So, with his blessing, Allie had decided to become a physical trainer on her way to her degree as an occupational therapist, and hit the gym with some of the biggest guys she could find. It had made her uncomfortable at first, and she’d been forced to earn their respect but she was strong.

Stronger than most men her size, and powerful enough to work out with the school’s athletes if she’d wanted to. She put her talents to good use several times a week in the school gym, just to remind the guys that she could walk the walk, as well as talk the talk, but her current clients didn’t really seem to care that much. It was refreshing.

Abel, Greg, Bentley and Trevor had all respected her from the first time they met, although she couldn’t be sure it wasn’t because word had already gotten around that she, the Tiny Tyrant, wasn’t to be messed with. Either way, they accepted her without question, and she loved that about them. They were her favorite set of clients so far, and she’d be sad when their sessions stopped at the end of the semester, just two short months away.

“Allie!” Greg shouted from his position over Abel’s head. “We’ll be done in five, but this asshole won’t stop lifting!”

She laughed as Abel threatened to bite Greg’s thigh if he didn’t move back some. Teabagging was an inappropriate activity for the gym.

Shaking her head as she hustled to get changed, she tried once again to decide if they were a couple. They were way more comfortable with each other than most guys were, even going so far as to kiss on a drunken dare one night after training. She was pretty sure it hadn’t been a one-time thing, meaning they were bisexual, but she didn’t have anything more than that night to go on.

She’d occasionally found herself wanting to find out exactly how far their flirting went, but that would be unprofessional. Still, the pair of linebackers were great eye candy, and she could think about them all she wanted during sex while Xander had basically jerked off inside her vagina, as opposed to the fun, frisky intimacy they’d had when they first gotten together. It hadn’t taken long for that to go downhill after he’d managed to stealthily move into her place, and not in a good way. It was just one more reason she was glad they were finally over.

I seriously need to get laid. Xander was so awful the last few months that I can’t even remember what good sex felt like. I can’t wait to get my own place, or kick Xander’s stupid ass out of my apartment. His name isn’t even on the lease. Too bad that would take a small miracle, since he never leaves.

She should have realized what a douche he was when he’d quit his day job to pursue a

telecommuting opportunity without even mentioning it to her. And this was after basically invading her apartment without permission, not even bothering to talk to her about the new step in their relationship. He’d been stashing stuff there for a while without her realizing just how much he was leaving over at her place, then put his big furniture into storage once his lease was up.

Why bother paying a $750 monthly rent bill when you could just pay $100 a month in storage and crash with your girlfriend, right? Wrong. She’d tried to kick him out, but short of calling the cops, there wasn’t much she could do without tipping off the leasing office that she’d allowed him to move in, as well as the dog that he’d given her.

The dog was by far the best part of their relationship, and there was no way Allie was kicking Daisy out, too. Unfortunately, her apartment complex had a strict “no bully breeds” policy, and while Daisy was a mutt, she looked like she was at least part pit bull. That big square-shaped head and stocky chest all but guaranteed a massive fine and instant pet eviction if they found out, and Allie wasn’t willing to risk it so close to the end of her lease. So, there was that to consider, and she was certain that her asshole ex wouldn’t hesitate to use it against her, if push came to shove.

At least he’s still taking care of her, even if he hates me. I hope he is, anyway. Resolving to think about it later, Allie changed clothes and hurried to the yoga mats where she began each of her training sessions with a few minutes to spare.

“Hey, beautiful, cutting it a little close, aren’t you?” Greg teased as he extended his long legs into a stretch. He could nearly do the splits, and his flexibility was among the best in her clients.

“Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades,” she quipped back with a wink. “You so excited to see me that you’re literally counting down the minutes?”

“Always,” Abel said quietly from behind her, his low voice going straight between her legs. As usual.

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Saving their trainer looks and reads so far like a good book. I only have one thing that would keep me from reading it. If it has MM in it I will absolutely not read it.

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