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Each fairy tale story, be it a stand-alone or miniseries, can be read independently of the rest of the Frisky Fairy Tales. I plan to eventually make every fairy tale into a mini-series, like "Beauty and the Beast" or "The Little Mermaid", but "Little Red Riding Hood" was originally published as a single work. I plan to expand on that one this year and release a novella telling how Daphne and Ronan met, along with another novel that continues with their adventures. My characters do crossovers in other stories, as they are all closely related somehow, and you'll see Belle and Beast in both "Little Red" and "The Little Mermaid", as well as "Rumplestilskin", slated for completion in 2019. "Rapunzel" won't have as many crossovers in it, nor will my reverse harem addition featuring Felicity, a secondary character from "Beauty and the Beast," but rest assured, you'll see all of them together eventually when it's time to give Elavee, the evil fairy, her due.

Beauty and the Beast

The Complete Miniseries

The Beauty
Sharp teeth and claws don't scare Belle. What does? The man in her village who won't take no for an answer. So when a monster in the woods imprisons her father, Belle is easily convinced to take his place. Things at the castle aren't exactly the fairy tale she thought they would be, including disgruntled servants who are less than happy that she's there, naughty library books that magically appear in her room, and a vengeful enchantress determined to finish the job she started. 

The Beast
It's been a decade since he was cursed, unable to leave the castle, but his servants can come and go as they like. Even if they aren't exactly themselves anymore. And worse? It's all his fault – his foolish decisions that cost them their humanity, his family their lives and his kingdom its ruler. So when a beautiful girl falls into his lap, he does his best to scare her away, no matter how bad it makes him look. Why? Because he knows that whoever did this isn't done yet, and there are more dangers in his corner of the woods than Belle knows.

When worst comes to worst, and it looks like they're about to lose everything, can Belle and her Beast learn to trust each other enough to find their happily ever after?

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Little Red Riding Hood

The girl in red made her way through the woods, and a wolf followed...

Daphne is angry. Furious. Enraged. Desperate. Granny Rousseau is missing, along with Daphne's fosterling, Grayson.

She's got a pretty good idea who has them, and there will be hell to pay when she gets them back. In fact, Daphne's already begun handing out justice in her own way.

Ronan knows better than to try to stand in her way, but Daphne's reckless actions are going to put them all in danger if he doesn't. As the alpha, it's his duty to protect the pack's allies, and his wolf's duty to protect his mate - even if she won't accept him. 

 Features some crossovers from my Beauty and the Beast miniseries.

The Little Mermaid

The Siren

Celeste should be the rightful heir to her father's throne in the underwater kingdom of Morwen, but abdicated in favor of her younger sister, Lahni, when she was just a child. It was obvious even then that Celeste ruling the kingdom just wasn't going to work out. 

Not if her subjects wanted to live.

A child of prophecy, Celeste has known that her path lay in a different direction than she, or her father had hoped. Instead of a Princess, she's a Destroyer, and destined to carry her people to the greatest war they've ever seen. Her little sister Lahni is the only one who can connect with Celeste, and bring her from her lonely world back into the light. But when Lahni goes missing, is Celeste going to fulfill her destiny and destroy them all in her search for the kingdom's young princess? 

The Human King

Samuel Morel is no stranger to magic, or curses. His older brother was cursed to become a terrifying beast a decade ago, and Sam was the only member of his family to be spared. Now the king of Evia, Sam has few friends and even fewer loved ones to connect with, so when he meets a little mermaid pursued by killer whales, he can't help but save her, possibly dooming himself, and his entire kingdom. 

Two kingdoms on the verge of war, one siren who gives up her voice to come to shore and find her little sister, and a king beset by evil fae who would use his lands for their own good... is there any way for them to work together, despite the blazing chemistry between them, or will all be lost?

Features some crossovers from my Beauty and the Beast miniseries.

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