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Dermatillomania. It's a big word for a really bad habit that affects around 25% of the population, and is otherwise known as skin excoriation, or picking. 


Those of us affected are very familiar with the stress and embarrassment that results from the constant, mindless scratching, not to mention the injuries and eventual scarring on our skin. I ignored my own issues for most of my life, but when my oldest son began showing similar signs, I decided it was time to do something.

And thus, "Nikki's Picky Bricks and Accessories" was born. Made with genuine LEGO pieces, my accessories provide a great outlet to scratch, scrape, pinch and pull apart thousands of times without wearing out. Teachers, kids and parents alike love these fidgets, but you definitely don't have to be in a school setting to use them. I have one one me at all times, and it really helps when I would otherwise be bored, or stressed.

Check out my different bracelets, keychains, fidget toys, and bookmarks below to see how they work. I guarantee that you'll love them!


My Lego fidget bracelets are super easy to take off and put on alone since I make each one with a slider knot. They all have lava beads or acrylic ink spill beads, plus genuine Lego pieces that can snap together and be picked apart thousands of times. 


Fidget keychains are both cute and functional! They clip to anything from your keys, your purse or your kiddo's backpack to proved hours of quiet stimulation and relief from picking.

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