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Keep hiding your magic.
Never admit to what you can do.
And that hot guy with the gun? Still don't trust him. Or his friends.

Forced into the Academy of the Dark Arts against her will, all witch-in-hiding Mallory Serra wants is to keep her head down and graduate as soon as possible. Maybe she'll get lucky and land a nice, boring desk job that doesn't require any magic powers, since hers keep careening out of control, anyway.

But when her handsome handler, Matt, disappears with a monster into the Academy's basement, she breaks her rules, again, and performs one more teeny, tiny spell. She's already stuck in the Academy, so what could go wrong?


Caught between her rising attraction to both her student teacher Nico and Matt, and her rising animosity with their friends, Mallory has to decide what's more important. Stay under the radar and get out while the getting is good, or reveal her true powers to protect them all from the demon stalking the Academy?

Tricky Witch Signed Paperback

  • Shipped via USPS Media Mail

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