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Order a SIGNED paperback copy of the Beauty and the Beast Omnibus! Over 600 pages of steamy goodness contains all 4 books in my miniseries, and is widely regarded as my readers' new favorite version of this tale as old as time. 



It's been a decade since Beast was cursed, unable to leave the castle, surrounded by his servants who were transformed along with him. The worst part? It's all his fault - his foolish decisions that cost them their humanity, his family their lives and his kingdom its ruler.


So when a beautiful, headstrong girl falls into his lap, he does his best to scare her away, no matter how bad it makes him look.


Why? Because he knows that whoever did this isn't finished yet, and there are far more dangers in his corner of the woods than Belle knows.


When worst comes to worst and it looks like they're about to lose everything, can Belle and her Beast learn to trust each other enough to find their happily ever after?


Beauty and The Beast Paperback Omnibus

SKU: 217537123517253
  • 5 Stars - Amazon Reviewer - Excellent B&B Retelling in miniseries format! The first four books in Nikki Dean's Frisky Fairy Tales is an excellent way to absorb an adult version of Beauty and the Beast. If you love fairy tale retellings this is one you should not miss out on!

    5 Stars - KNash - Very well written !! I loved the plot twists and the spice! Definitely worth staying up late for! No regrets

    5 Stars - KS Diaz - At first I was bit skeptical the whole rendition of the beauty and beast with a erotic/adult scene, but once I started reading it, I got hooked from the beginning to the end. The story, the characters, and twisted plots was very thought out and also well written. I was so mind blown by the intense romance, unexpected characters, and action involved throughout in this series.After finishing the whole series in 3 days days.

    5 Stars - NoAgnes - I enjoyed this take on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. This is a boxed set of the whole story arc, published previously in 4 separate volumes. A warning: there is lots of explicit sex, and a lot of it happens with Beast in his cursed form, but his personality is definitely human all along and the sex is consensual. Belle is strong and brave and stands up for her freedom (even when she is the Beast's prisoner). The beast is at first rather selfish and immature, trying to win her acceptance by keeping her with him as captive; and his past as a rake and an insensitive pursuer of casual sex comes back to haunt them in several ways. But I loved the way Belle manages to stop his temper tantrums and the way they both love the other and fight their own insecurities. The "rival from Belle's home" was a terrifying evil and made a great counterpoint to the Beast in being the true monster, a rapist and abuser (although nothing of this was onstage or explicit, to my great relief). The second half of the story was enriched by the partially hidden parallel story of Belle's sister Daphne and werewolves, and the world of magic gradually opening up. This story version's particular take on Belle being teased by glimpses of the human form of the Beast is original, although it was a bit disturbing until I figured it out. The story ends with an epic battle between the forces of good and evil, and with all the advantages of the curse being broken, but perhaps the furry form that has grown on Belle and the readers needn't disppear completely...

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