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Exclusive Artwork inspired by my Beauty and the Beast miniseries

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Want a little insight into how I visualize my Beast, and our favorite Beauty? Look no further...

I'm having a series of drawings done for various scenes from the "Beauty and the Beast" miniseries, and just got the concept art back from my wonderful illustrator.

I love it so much.

Seriously. LOVE IT. I didn't originally write him with the sexy fangs, but dammit, I'm adding them in first chance I get, lol. This version of Beast is so sexy to me, and the sketch of him crying wrenched my heart. I could totally picture him this upset when he first found the statues of his parents, or when Belle left for good. I don't know what witchcraft this artist did to nearly pull this beast straight from my heart, but he did, and I just wanted to share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy!

Pulling on Beast's horns

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1 Comment

Erin Semenske
Erin Semenske
Jan 18, 2023

When will we see more of this amazing amazing artist?!?!? And who did them?!?!? I MUST work with them!!!!!

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