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Welcome to the worlds of Frisky Fairy Tales, Adacemy of the Dark Arts, and Magic Potions!

I've always loved fairy tales. Always. As a little girl, they gave me hope that the lonely girl who lived in the tower, or the shy girl who read more than she spoke, or the little mermaid who wanted to change her world, all got their happily ever afters. These princesses chased their dreams, and succeeded.


Now, as an adult, my dreams have changed a little. No longer happy with a chaste kiss at the end of the story, I've grown to desire a little more from my fairy tales, because I just have so many questions. 

Why would a smart woman fall in love with a monster? Why would a girl in the woods be able to understand what a wolf said to her, and speak with him? Why would a mermaid bother with a man? What if Rumplestilskin wanted that baby because it was his? What if, what if, what if? 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find stories that answered all of my questions, so I decided to write them myself. And thus, the Frisky Fairy Tales were born.

As much as I love my fairy tales, though, I was starting to get a little burnt out, so I decided to start working on a series in my second favorite genre, reverse harem! I'm working on a new series of paranormal reverse harem books in a series called "The Academy of the Dark Arts". It's about a witch-in-hiding named Mallory Serra, how she gets caught and forced into an all-magic academy where students learn to use their powers, then go straight into the military. Well, Mal is having none of that, and drags three of her TAs, her handler and their mysterious friend along on her roller coaster of avoidance, only to discover that the family and home she's found might not be so bad after all. If they can just keep the monster that roams the campus from killing them all. All characters are 18+ and it's a college / university setting, so some sexy times will ensue.

I also have plans (and first drafts for) a series called the "Magic Potion Stand- Alones", which, as it sounds, will be a series of single novels each telling a complete reverse harem story. These stories will feature one leading  witchy lady, and 3-4 men all desperately in love with her. True to the genre, they will be her harem, with happy endings for all and no jealousy in sight. Because what's a fantasy good for, if you have to let someone go in the end?

Reviews for Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast the way it should be told… with all of the naughty details. The full mini-series includes multiple enchantresses (one of whom is Belle’s sister), ex-lovers, murder attempts, an epic battle and love scenes that will set your ereader aflame. Dean’s retelling has ruined the original story for me – I just want this one!

Amazon Reviewer

Beauty and the Beast like it should have been written! Looking for her father, Belle finds her destiny. The Beast is cursed to live a lonely life. Nikki Dean knows how to tell a story, how to pull a reader in. We know the story of Beauty and the Beast, but this is not the story you grew up with. This one has heat, so much that my tablet almost caught on fire. 😁.  Even with "knowing" what happens, it wasn't like I was reading the same story, it was still fresh and new. I could feel how they felt about each other. I'm happy I read this as a box set, couldn't take waiting for them to come out. I recommend this series for anyone that likes ROMANCE with their romance.

JS - Reviewer for "Romance Authors that Rock"


I’ve always loved the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. This is definitely that story, but a grown up version of it. Not only in that the romance is more “physical” (though there definitely are well done love scenes) but also in terms of the complexity of the characters, Beauty, her Beast and the supporting cast, the depth and development of their emotions and the well developed and very well written plot (which does expand on the story bit only in ways that really work) all the way to its extremely well done HEA.

Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

Reviews for Little Red Riding Hood

I love everything about this author, read every book that she's written that I know of and everyone brings me so much laughter and tears. A great book to me is one that you can't put down and makes you feel the emotions of the characters. I can't wait to read more from Nikki and this book was a great tie in to the Beauty books. Just amazing!

Trina Beattie - Amazon Customer


I don’t think have managed to put any of these books down since I found them...which has resulted in finishing them all in record time. I highly anticipate each new release, and Nikki Dean does not disappoint. It’s a wonderful twist on a very popular fairytale, with well-written characters and a wonderful world with plenty of magic and desire. I love how each book is connected to the other and lead into other fairytales that I loved as a child...but have a steamy adult twist. Can’t wait to read more!

Kelsie A. - Amazon Customer

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